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Lisa Ruben, MFT.

Licensed Marriage & Family Psychotherapist



Office in Oakland

About Me
How I can help you

I will help you to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship within which you will be able to explore yourself and sort out the steps you’ll need to take. It can be difficult to reach out for support for personal matters, but when you do, you will be taking the first step to healing. My work is always within a multicultural, psychodynamic and relational context. 

Getting help

Everyone at some point in their lives will face hurdles or struggles that they will need to explore, understand and overcome. It takes courage to decide to explore what is causing the suffering, and risk trusting someone else to help.


Friends and family members are key support systems, but I would offer non judgmental feedback, and am 30 years professionally trained to make connections, offer insight and help you to move forward. Pain and distress left unexplored or unexpressed creates undesired consequences in our lives. Often it is these consequences that bring people to treatment. 

Are you interested in learning how psychotherapy works?


I am very experienced working with the following issues:
Depression  |  Anxiety  |  LGBTQ  |  Gender / Trans / NB –and partners of
Polyamory/RA  |  Life transitions  |  Work-Life Balance / Career  |  Communication
Parenting  |  Money Conflict or Issues  |  Trauma  |  Disability  |  Aging & Retirement

Contact Me

Office in Oakland  |  Tel: 510-384-6898

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