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I work with adults and couples, and tailor my therapy services to meet the specific needs of my clients. My practice specializes in providing therapy for adult individuals, and couples (or other relational configurations). Sessions usually last 50 minutes, and generally occur weekly. 

My office is in the Oakland Rockridge district, one block from Rockridge BART.  

Individual Therapy

Initially, I help clients identify goals for therapy, and how we are going to work to meet those goals. Some goals warrant short treatment, but many people find that those goals can expand and deepen as the healing process develops. Issues that I have deep experience with are anxiety, depression, grief/loss, LGBTQ, trans/gender, relationships, money and finances, parenting struggles, life transitions, and other chronic problems that might be resurfacing.

Couples/Relationship Therapy

I see straight, LGBTQ, and other non-traditional family configurations (poly, swingers, relationship anarchy, consentual nonmonogamy). Issues I frequently address with couples are: navigating conflict successfully and without causing harm, increasing communication effectiveness and skills, deepening intimacy both emotionally and sexually, financial conflict. Couples may attend therapy for brief problem solving, or longer term work.

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