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Recommended Books

Burns, David  Feeling Good

Ehrensaft, Diane  Spoiling Childhood

Gottman, John 10 Lessons to Transform Your Marriage

Hallowell and Ratey  Driven to Distraction

Harville and Hendrix  Getting the Love you want

Herman, Judith  Trauma and Recovery

Kubler-Ross  On Grief and Grieving

Perel, Esther The State of Affairs, Rethinking Infidelity

Rosenberg, Marshall Nonviolent Communication

Seligman, Martin  Learned Optimism

Silverstein, Olga The Courage to Raise Good Men

Sofer, Oren Say What You Mean

Low Cost Therapy Resources

LGBTQ  Visit Website

Women and Trans/NB folks → Visit Website

Psychotherapy Institute  Visit Website

Low cost in Berkeley  Visit Website

Crisis clinic SF  Visit Website

Suicide Awareness and Support

Other Resources

Medication information, comprehensive and up to date guide to psychiatric medications

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